Plug in your guitar, drums, keyboards or mic.
Fire up eJamming AUDiiO in your computer.
Check out who’s in the eJamming Lobby. Look over their instruments and musical influences in their mini-profile. Chat with them.
Then invite them to a Session. Or join theirs.
You can talk live. Decide what to play.
Then jam together. Live. Online.

In today’s busy world, the hardest thing is to find time to make music.
Or musicians and vocalists to make it with.
On eJamming, we connect you to old friends.
Imagine – you can play with the guys you used to play with.
Or rehearse with the band you’re in now.
You can even make new friends.
So you can play together. Write together. Arrange together.
Live. Right from home. Whenever you want.

It's a lot easier than lugging your gear across town.

Don't believe it? Watch as Def Leppard's Phil Collen jams over eJamming AUDiiO with drummer Matt Richardson and bassist Mark Jarvis:
But you don't have to be a Rock Star to play together on this online music collaboration system. With eJamming, you can be a beginner who just wants to connect with other musicians.
To jam. Sing and harmonize together.
Rehearse together. Create together. Even learn some new techniques.
Or just hang out together.
Even when your jam mates are 8000 miles apart.

All you need is a computer.
A broadband connection like a DSL or cable modem (you've already got one of those since you're reading this online).
Your instrument and a mic.
And an audio interface* you plug it all into.

And you can jam online with musician friends anywhere. Across town. Across the country. Or if you want to, even across the ocean.

Tabitha Soren reports on eJamming on Bloomberg TV (right after the ad):

Here's what BRASHER/BOGUE says about working together on eJamming:

-The day I found eJamming, I knew it was going to change things for us in a big way. Since Andy and I started writing and performing together, our two biggest obstacles have been, “time and distance” Not enough time, too many miles between us. eJamming has literally bridged the gap on both accounts. Each time we get together to write online, we are just amazed that we finally have this tool. We write and rehearse probably 3 or 4 times as often as we did before we found eJamming. -Dustin Bogue (BRASHER/BOGUE)

- As a writing/recording/touring musician, balancing home life and work life can be a challenge. Especially, if you're like me, you live in one state and most of your musical accomplices live in another. Dustin and I have been making music together, writing and recording since 2007. Until we discovered eJamming, getting together to write, play or record consisted of taking turns driving 200 miles and spending a few days away from home. This could be very taxing especially when we were already on the road quite a bit with our touring. Now that we are on eJamming, we can write, play or record at a moments notice, (which as musicians know, is usually when inspiration strikes!) Without having to dedicate gas money and a couple hours on the road in order to create together, we are able to work more often and from the comfort of our own home. The control panel is super-easy to use, and the setup was simple. With Tech Support's help we were up and running that day. And by the end of our first session, had already conceptualized a new song. Jamming together is easy, with no cumbersome lag; It's REAL TIME baby! Plus we can record what we are working on and save it. This is the tool that we've been waiting for! - Andy Brasher (BRASHER/BOGUE)

You can even record together. Building your song track by track. Everyone "in the room".

Here's how to Record on eJamming

Here's how to set up an acoustic drum kit for eJamming:

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  • Up to 4 musicians connect together in a Session
  • PC and Mac (sorry, not Linux at this time)
  • High Fidelity CD-quality 16-bit live audio
  • CD quality recording and playback (44.1 kHz/up to 24 bit)
  • Record up to 16 Audio and 16 Midi tracks.
  • Near zero latency feel on your instrument in Jam and VRS modes
  • Core Audio and ASIO compatibility.
  • Check sound card compatibility here: http://ejamming.com/audio-interfaces/
  • Exportable .wav and .mid file formats
  • New eJamming Port Forward utility opens your ports for you
  • Download it at http://portforward.com/ejamming/

*(for you non-techies, an audio interface is your computer's soundcard or an external piece of hardware you plug your guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or mic into)

Software is FREE to download
After your 30 Day FREE Trial, Subscriptions are only:

US$24.95 - QUARTERLY (save $20 / year)
US$89.95 - YEARLY (like getting 3 months FREE)

We accept PAYPAL and AMAZON

basic system requirements

(NOTE: eJamming on 64 bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 needs to be run in Admin mode. And some drivers for audio hardware MAY NOT be
available for 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8)
Pentium 3 or higher; 512MB RAM
Audiio Interface
XLR (or your computer's internal) Mic

Duo core 1.6 gHz 1G ram or higher
Dedicated Audio Interface
DSL or Cable Modem with upload speeds
per Broadband Requirements below

basic system requirements

OSX 3.9 (Panther) or OSX 4 (Tiger)
or OSX 5 (Leopard) / OSX 6 (Snow Leopard) /
OSX 7 (Lion) or OSX 8 (Mountain Lion)
or OSX 9 (Mavericks)
Click here if eJamming hangs on Snow Leopard
Audio Interface
XLR (or your computer's internal) Mic

Intel-based Mac 1.6 gHz or higher
1 gig RAM or higher
Dedicated Audio Interface
DSL or Cable Modem with upload speeds
per Broadband Requirements below

Broadband Requirements
minimum of

The higher your bandwidth
the better your eJamming experience.

4 players - high bandwidth: 800 Kbps Upload
4 players - medium bandwidth: 600 Kbps Upload
3 players - high bandwidth: 650 Kbps Upload
3 players - medium bandwidth: 450 Kbps Upload
2 players - high bandwidth: 400 Kbps Upload
2 players -  medium bandwidth: 250 Kbps Upload


eJamming's new PortForward utility opens your ports for you. DOWNLOAD it for FREE at http://portforward.com/ejamming/