eJamming, Inc Privacy Policy

We will protect your Privacy

At eJamming, Inc, protecting your privacy is top priority. We appreciate our members and understand the value of protecting your rights.

Your IP Address:

We use your IP address to identify your computer for the eJamming® Service, as well as to help us diagnose any problems you may encounter with our servers. IP addresses are not linked to any personally identifiable information other than your username.

Your Personal Information:

We use your name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address and credit card information to process your subscription. This information is stored in a secure database, and is only available to individuals with proper clearance. To enable our products and services, eJamming, Inc contracts with third party service partners, including Amazon, PayPal and Reliam, our hosting company. These partners provide us with subscription administration, matchmaking, data collection, storage, instant messaging, text chat, e-mail/mail support, analysis and reporting services and are restricted from using your information in any way, other than to help us make the eJamming® Service more useful to our visitors. Service partners are required to sign confidentiality agreements and will abide by eJamming, Inc's privacy policies. Additionally, we may share information with law enforcement agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or abuse of service investigations.

eJamming®'s Credit Card Fraud Policy:

In the unlikely event that you experience unauthorized use of your credit card, promptly report the fraudulent activity to your credit card company. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you are only liable for the first $50 of the fraudulent charges. Please check with your credit card company to verify specific terms and conditions.

eJamming, Inc's Email Policy:

We only send information about our deals on gear and special eJamming® offers to our customers who find it useful. You can opt-out of receiving future communications from us when you set up your account or by updating your account information.

Protecting Your Credit Card Information:

Today, the Internet is actually the safest way of doing business with your credit card, especially at Amazon and PayPal, the secure payment system owned by eBay. It is actually safer to use your credit card online at Amazon and PayPal than it is to use it shopping at brick and mortar stores, because your information is encrypted. Both Amazon and PayPal use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity- all to ensure secure transactions for our subscribers. Encryption is based on the mathematical scrambling and unscrambling of messages. Information encrypted using the private/public key system can only be decrypted by using the proper keys, ensuring the security of your information.

Our site does contain links to other sites. eJamming, Inc is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. If you have any additional questions about our privacy practices, please contact customerservice@ejamming.com.

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